Welcome to Visionbase Media.

A minority-owned graphic design practice, giving brands and small businesses a visual voice.



Branding Design

We help you understand the basics of branding and how it influences your audience. Your visual branding should intentionally represent your vision and mission.

Print Design

We design a wide variety of items to help promote and share your ideas with others. We focus on design methods that influence your target audience.

Social Media Design

Social media provides an interaction and attraction to the ideas of your business. We develop graphics that fit the essence of your vision as you interact with your most valued treasure - your audience.


Visionbase Media was started in 2015 by Ray Green, Jr in Houston, TX. Ray has a passion for graphic design and helping organizations succeed. He has been freelancing for ten years and started this agency with the primary goal to help organizations "reflect" their vision and passion to others. The market

is full of visual noise, and we want to provide graphic visuals that are authentic to your passion and the vision of your organization.


As a graphic, branding, and digital media design agency, we want your fundamental vision to be understood by your audience. We also understand the key to branding communication. As we build projects, we remember the overall goal is to make you effective in your market space.



Hire Us

We would love to schedule an initial 15-30 minute call to discuss your next branding, print or social media project. Visionbase Media, LLC is based in Cypress, Texas and has the flexibility to meet with you by Phone, Face-Time, Google Hangouts or at selected Houston, Cypress, Katy, and Tomball locations.

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Get a quote: 281-912-3047


Visionbase Media is proud to have served many organizations at different stages of their visionary execution. Our portfolio is a reflection of community organizations communicating their passions to others. We are excited to have assisted several organizations along their journey to success.


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